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Мы предоставляем услуги по покупке/продаже цифровых валют (Perfect Money, Bitcoin,OKPAY, Payeer, Paxum) за наличные, за срочные переводы (Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA Monet Transfer, Contact, Unistream,Золотая Корона), а также за банковские переводы.
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Бизнес уровень (BL): -
Суммарный резерв: $106 255
Статус: Активен
На рынке: 2 года 4 мес
Страна: Россия
Отзывы: 1/0/0
WM Арбитраж: -
WM Advisor: 0/0
Western Union USD: 60 000
Perfect Money USD: 5 322
Perfect Money EUR: 200.00
Payeer USD: 6 500
Paxum: 1 255
OKPay USD: 2 200
MoneyGram USD: 60 000
Litecoin: 500.00
Dash: 500.00
Contact USD: 60 000
Bitcoin: 47.43
BTC-e USD: 13 417
Advanced Cash USD: 4 124

Отзывы Cash2PM

31.3.154.* 12 декабря 2016, 11:05
Came upon this site while trying to find a trustworthy and fast exchanger online for bitcoin to usd, in the usa.
at first glance, I loved the simplicity of the services they offer. just what i been looking for. but i've been scammed a couple times by other fake exchangers, to send in my bitcoins and they'll pay me usd. so, i was really skeptical of this place. couldnt find much reviews on this place either so wasnt too trusting, but i went ahead and gave it a chance.
im so glad i did! this site is fast, honest, and very true to their words of no hassle. i got my usd via moneygram within a short period of time and im very happy with the whole process. i totally recommend cash2pm to everyone. they have just about every type of exchange services. i will be doing all my bitcoins to usd exchanges through cash2pm here on. thanks